Mango Avocado Salad

This mango avocado salad is a refreshing, sweet, and eye-catching recipe that works great as a meal or a super tasty side dish for a BBQ or Mexican meal.

Why This Mango Avocado Salad Is Amazing!

  • SO easy to make. Just chop the fresh food and mix with oil and salt.
  • Minimal meal prep involved.
  • Full of nutrients.
  • Crowd-pleaser that even kids will enjoy due to the sweet mango.
  • The bright colors look stunning.

Fruit In A Savory Salad?

This salad is made up of all fruit as the mangoes, avocado, and cherry tomatoes are all technically fruits. Although tomatoes and avocado are often in salad recipes, it’s less common for mango to be in a salad recipe, but that’s precisely why I love this recipe. It’s unique and gets your taste buds tingling.

Mango in a salad might sound as crazy as chili in chocolate until you try it and then realize you’ve been missing out all these years. So, I understand if you’re questioning if sweet mango belongs in a salad but paired with the creamy avocado and fresh cherry tomatoes, this salad is a match made in heaven.

Top Tips For The Tastiest Vegan Salad

  • Make this salad when the fresh food is in season. For example, the Mango season runs from May to September, the avocado season is between spring and early fall, and cherry tomatoes peak in harvest during the summer. However, these ingredients are available year-round.
  • Use ripe mango and avocado. Ripe fruit tastes significantly better due to its vibrant and naturally sweet flavor.
  • Add the avocado after mixing the other ingredients. If your avocado is very soft, it may become a little mushed when you combine the ingredients in a bowl, so be gentle or add it after mixing the other ingredients.
  • Don’t skip on the fresh herbs or fats. Dried herbs are great for cooked dishes, such as pasta sauces, but for a salad, you want to stick with fresh cilantro for that punchy, flavorful finishing flavor. Likewise, do not eliminate the olive or avocado oil, as this will help increase the taste of this easy vegan salad and help you feel fuller for longer.

Mango Salad Recipe Adjustments

  • If you aren’t a fan of cilantro (which makes me sad, but I understand it isn’t for everyone), you can substitute these fresh herbs for parsley or basil.
  • Add some chopped almonds for some added healthy fats.
  • Add finely sliced red onion for a slight kick.
  • Add a small squeeze of lime (or lemon) juice to add a zesty note to your salad.
  • Add some chopped cucumber to make this salad go a little further. Avocado and mango can be expensive ingredients, so a cucumber mango avocado salad is a great way to increase the quantity of food without compromising the delicious flavor.

What To Serve With This Mango Salad

This salad is delicious as a simple lunch option or light dinner on its own, with a slice of pita bread or as a side dish. For example, you can serve this mango avocado tomato salad alongside grilled veggies and tofu at a BBQ. It also works great as a side salad to complement your favorite Mexican recipes.


  • 1 Mango, peeled and chopped into chunks
  • 1 Avocado, peeled and chopped into chunks
  • 8 – 10 Cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 2 Tablespoons Cilantro, chopped
  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil or avocado oil
  • Salt to taste


  1. Mix together and enjoy!
Mango Avocado Salad

Mango Avocado Salad

Course Salad, Side Dish


  • 1 Mango peeled and chopped into chunks
  • 1 Avocado peeled and chopped into chunks
  • 8-10 Cherry tomatoes  halved
  • 2 tbsp Cilantro  chopped
  • 1 tbsp Olive or avocado oil
  • Salt to taste


  • Mix together and enjoy!